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VTO Wheels

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The VTO Classic 8 is a brand new alloy wheel we are offering. We decided if we wanted a wheel made like we wanted, we would just have to start making our own wheels, and the VTO Classic 8 reflects not only what we have asked for in an alloy wheel for classic cars, but also what you, our customers, have been asking for, as well.

The new VTO Classic 8 is now available in 15 x 6 in. MGA / MGB and Triumph fitment. First off it, only weighs 13.7 pounds per wheel- that is as light as our competitor's race wheel !! We wanted a smoother, slicker finish on the spokes and an outer rim that looked more like hand-polished, and that is what this wheel has.

The new VTO Classic 8 is offered in the Platinum and Black centers with a polished rim. We will be getting more VTO wheel sizes as the year goes along. The next two sizes in production now are 14 x 5.5 and 13 x 5.5, which will be available in both the VTO Classic 8 and the new Retro 4

  • MGA / MGB 15 x 6 $180.00 each
  • Triumph TR2/3/4/6 180.00 each
  • MG Midget- AH Sprite 15 x 6 $180.00
  • Triumph TR7/8 Spitfire/GT6 15 x 6 180.00

We can also custom CNC-drill for other applications. Contact us for more information.

New Retro 4 Coming in April in 13 x 5.5 and 14 x 5.5, with mores sizes being added by Summer!